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Thank you for your support of Without Warning! Because of your wonderful reviews, Amazon rated it #1 in new Civil War historical novel releases. Kirkus Reviews provided a great review, which you can see on my author’s website. Admiral Paul Becker, USN, Retired, provided a superb review in the United States Naval Institute Proceedings October 2020 issue. I appreciate every review left on Amazon.com, BookBub.com, Goodreads.com, and many other platforms.

I’ve been invited to be the keynote speaker at the Union League of Philadelphia’s April 2021 meeting to discuss Without Warning. Afterwards, I will be visiting Gettysburg and doing book signings and visiting with Fred Rainbow, to whom Without Warning is dedicated. I hope to get time to meet many of you in person during these events.

Here are some questions that I have received about Without Warning:

1.      Did you make up any of the characters?

a.       No, all the characters are real. Every event and action occurred as noted by the timestamps.

2.      Did Sickles really ride on the train with Colonel Hardie on the evening of 27 June 1863?

a.       Yes. It was a stroke of luck discovering that Sickles rode the same train as Hardie because it gave me a chance to introduce Sickles and his unique personality.

3.      Was Freddie a real character and did he guide Meade to Gettysburg on evening of 1 July?

a.       Yes, Freddie was a real character. Freddie did bend a branch back during the ride that hit Meade’s face and Meade did lose his glasses.

4.      How long did it take to research and write Without Warning?

a.       12 years.

5.      Why didn’t you break the book into two historical novels?

a.       Without Warning is the first historical novel in 156 years that accurately features only the Union soldiers. I didn’t want to break up the book because I wasn’t sure the second part of Without Warning would ever be published if the first half didn’t sell.

Updates on the historical sequels:

Initially, my sequel to Without Warning was to be Fractured Pursuit, 4 July to 14 July 1863. When I started doing research for Fractured Pursuit, I was going to have a prelude chapter that covered the Union cavalry events from 28 June 1863 to 3 July 1863. While writing the prelude, I discovered there were just too many great Union cavalry stories to fit into a single chapter. So, I decided to write a trilogy. The middle book is called Thundering Courage: Union Cavalry at Gettysburg from 28 June 1863 to 3 July 1863. We are shooting for a publication date for Thundering Courage at the end of 2021. The third book will be Fractured Pursuit

Here is the link to Admiral Paul Becker’s book review of Without Warning. https://terrycpierce.com/ra-becker-review/

Please visit my website TerryCPierce.com for updates on Thundering Courage.

Thank you.

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