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The Mythical Framing of Gettysburg’s Reluctant Hero: 12 Stages

In this installment, you will be introduced to the 12 different stages a mythical hero archetype goes through in his hero’s journey.[1] Then we will map Meade’s heroic journey using these 12 stages. The 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey ONE. Ordinary World The reader meets the hero and learns about his ambitions and limitations. Meade’s ordinary world is commanding Fifth Corps. He has no illusions of being appointed the army commander because he is uncharismatic and has a short temper and dislikes politicians and reporters equally. Meade accepts he would never be chosen to be the army commander because he believes only a charismatic leader can beat the charismatic General Lee. Meade, however, has a strong leadership character. TWO. Call to Adventure The hero is challenged to undertake a great challenge or quest. Meade is ordered by President Lincoln’s messenger at 3:00 a.m. to take command of the Army [...]


The Mythical Framing of Gettysburg’s Reluctant Hero: Archetypes

George Gordon Meade is one of the United States’ greatest reluctant heroes. No American has received a more important call to duty, or resisted the challenge with greater zeal, than did Meade. Reluctantly assuming command of the Army of the Potomac four days before the opening shots of the Battle of Gettysburg, he displayed brilliant generalship, survived General Daniel Sickles's blatant disobedience, and thwarted General Robert E. Lee’s devastating attacks. The United States owes a great deal to this flawed, seemingly uncharismatic man who won the battle and saved the Republic. Mythical Story Structure Screenwriters and movie studios have been writing and producing movies for years about mythical heroes. Joseph Campbell, in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, was one of the important students of myth and legend to lay out the structure known as the hero’s journey.[1] Campbell forged a metaphor describing the hero’s transformation as he [...]


3 Things Most People Don’t Know About General Custer

In this installment, you will take a deeper dive into the details of some of Custer's fearless actions at the Battle of Gettysburg. And you will be introduced to some fascinating books and the historians who wrote them. One. Before Little Big Horn: Custer's dauntless heroism at Gettysburg For those of you (like me) who didn't know: Custer commanded the Michigan cavalry brigade at Gettysburg and emerged from the battle as a national hero. In my research about Custer at Gettysburg, I was quite surprised to learn of his heroic deeds on July 3, 1863, that rank right up there with his Medal of Honor classmate Alonzo Cushing defending the angle during Pickett’s Charge. In fact, I concluded that our nation owes a great debt to Custer’s daredevil cavalry charges and quest for glory on East Cavalry Field that significantly contributed to the Union victory at Gettysburg. Like most of [...]


Gettysburg’s Creature of Glory: Boy General George Custer

George Armstrong Custer is an American legend. Most of us have an opinion of Custer’s dramatic "Last Stand" at Little Big Horn — good or bad. But when the Civil War ended eleven years earlier, Custer was a national war hero, as mythical in fame as the Greek warrior Achilles of the Trojan War. He had unparalleled success on Civil War battlefields, escaping capture and death several times—something often called Custer’s Luck. From disgrace to distinction Custer’s rise to becoming the youngest general in the Union Army is quite remarkable. After being court-martialed at West Point for allowing two cadets to fight, Custer joined the Army of the Potomac as a second lieutenant. For the next two years, he served as a staff slavey to several different generals including General McClellan, the Commanding General of the Army of the Potomac. As a staffer, Custer was the shabbiest-dressed officer, looking more [...]


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