Without Warning  |  Thundering Courage  |  Fractured Pursuit


Thundering Courage:

The Union Cavalry at Gettysburg, June 28, 1863 to July 3, 1863

Projected Release Date: Fall 2023

Thundering Courage will feature General George Armstrong Custer, General Elon Farnsworth, General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, General John Buford, and General Alfred Pleasonton and some of their Lieutenants.


Fractured Pursuit

Meade’s Pursuit of Lee July 4-14, 1863

Projected Release Date: TBD

Fractured Pursuit will be a historical novel covering General Robert E. Lee’s retreat from Gettysburg and General Meade’s pursuit of the Army of Virginia from July 4-14, 1863.


Warfighting & Disruptive Technologies  |  The Translators

Warfighting & Disruptive Technologies:

Disguising Innovation


Warfighting and Disruptive Technologies Book CoverOccasionally, militaries during times of peace achieve major warfighting innovations. Terry Pierce calls these “disruptive innovations.” The more common innovation phenomenon, however, has been that of integrating new technologies to help perform existing missions better and not change them radically. The author calls these “sustaining innovations.” The central theme of this book is that senior leaders who have successfully managed disruptive innovations disguised them as sustaining in order to ensure their innovations survived.

The recent innovation history suggests two interesting questions. First, how can senior military leaders achieve a disruptive innovation when they are heavily engaged around the world and they are managing sustaining innovations? Second, what have been the external sources of disruptive (and sustaining) innovations?

This book is essential reading for professionals and students interested in national security, military history, and strategic issues. Book Review (Fabius Maximus Website) »

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle!


The Translators:

The Gray Cardinals of Disruptive Innovation

Projected Release Date: TBD


This is nonfiction about the important role Translators play in championing Disruptive Innovation in both the public and private sector. This book is a sequel to Warfighting and Disruptive Technologies: Disguising Innovation.


Without Warning  |  Fractured Pursuit  |  War Fighting & Disruptive Technologies  |  The Translators

The Navy Needs a New Engine of Innovation article cover

The Navy Needs a New Engine of Innovation

USNI Proceedings, November 2018
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Learning to Ride Tsunamis article cover

Learning to Ride Tsunamis:

The Power of Public Private Partnerships in Achieving Disruptive Innovations

(Innovation Contest Winner) USNI Proceedings, November 2015
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Sunk Costs Sink Innovationn article cover

Sunk Costs Sink Innovation

USNI Proceedings, May 2001 (1st Place Arleigh Burke Essay Contest)

Teaching Elephants to Swim article cover

Teaching Elephants to Swim

USNI Proceedings, May 1998 (1st Place Arleigh Burke Essay Contest)

Obey the Iron Law article cover

Obey the Iron Law

USNI Proceedings, November 1997 (1st Place Marine Corps Essay Contest)

Voodoo Logistics article cover

Voodoo Logistics Sink Triphibious Warfare

USNI Proceedings, September 1996 (2nd Place Joint Warfighting Contest)

Who's In Charge article cover

Amphibious Maneuver Warfare:

Who’s In Charge?

USNI Proceedings, August 1990 (2nd Place Arleigh Burke Essay Contest)

Maneuver Warfare article cover

Maneuver Warfare:

the ‘Gators Play, too

USNI Proceedings, November 1989 (2nd Place Arleigh Burke Essay Contest)

Toward a Unified Metric article cover

Toward a Unified Metric of Kinetic and Nonkinetic Actions:

Meaning Fields and the Arc of Effects

Joint Force Quarterly, 2nd Quarter 2017
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Leaving the Technocratic Tunnel article cover

Leaving the Technocratic Tunnel

Joint Force Quarterly, Winter 1995/1996
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(PDF; see page 69)

Crafting and Managing Effects article cover

Crafting and Managing Effects:

The Evolution of the Profession of Arms

Joint Force Quarterly, 2nd Quarter 2016
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Combined Effects Power article cover

Combined Effects Power

Joint Force Quarterly, 2nd Quarter 2014
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