Without Warning is the story of willing and reluctant heroes, bravery and betrayal, character and commitment, uncomfortable truths and popular lies. It is the story of the Battle of Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and the battle that turned the tide in favor of the North. Some of the stories are well known, others not so well, and together they shed a brighter light on this moment in history.

For three days, hellish fire-and-brimstone clouds engulfed Gettysburg. After the bellowing muzzles and battery smoke had curled away into the bruised skies and the dreadful shrieking and frightful howling had ebbed, the Army of the Potomac stood, ragged but victorious. This great and startling victory breathed new life into the Union cause.

This story is about these victors, the bond between leaders and those they led, and the uncommon courage, camaraderie, and sacrifice that achieved this incredible triumph. The book is the culmination of years spent getting to know every facet of the battle and the character and personalities of the men who fought for the Union.

Without Warning will introduce you to General George Meade, a quiet leader with a fierce temper thrust into an impossible situation by the whims of politics. You’ll ride along with General Hancock as he races to Gettysburg to shore up the Union defenses against the surging gray wave of Confederates battering Cemetery Hill. Follow General Sickles as he slyly disobeys orders and moves his Third Corps out of position in his obsessive lust for personal glory, with deadly results. Stand with General Gouverneur Warren as he organizes a makeshift defense against the bloodthirsty hordes on the crest of Little Round Top. Join Colonel William Colvill and his First Minnesota Regiment during their heartbreaking sacrificial charge into a massive enemy brigade. Stand on Culp’s Hill next to General George Greene and his New York Brigade as they defend against the blistering attacks of a Rebel division. When the opposing forces are a mere 50 yards apart, ride breathlessly along with Lieutenant Frank Haskell as the sole officer gallantly rushes between the two armies and rallies the crumbling Union boys in the critical moment of Pickett’s Charge.

Supported by history, the novel explores the role character plays in leadership and the challenge of the unexpected. Through this lens of character, a new view of the Battle of Gettysburg emerges, told from the perspective of General George Meade, the new commander of the Army of the Potomac, and the men who waged that battle with him. How character drove their response to leadership has remained largely untold, at least in part because historians have focused on the failures of leadership and skill that led to defeat, and not on the triumphs of leadership and skill that led to victory. The result is a compelling, immersive story that discloses a hidden truth, one that forever changes our vision of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg, A Reluctant Union Hero, and the Men He Inspired takes a look at the unfettered power of character in the decisions that ruled not only the past, but those of the present and the future as well. As Marine Corps General Robert Barrow remarked, “Success in battle is not a function of how many show up, but who they are.” I look forward to the debate and discussions that Without Warning will provoke.

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